Invision Capital Partners

The credit crunch, economic deterioration, the subprime mortgage crisis, declining real estate values and a surge in foreclosures have converged to create unprecedented opportunity in real estate markets. These challenges associated with the liquidity crisis are now presenting significant investment opportunities.  We expect distressed and undervalued real estate related investment opportunities to continue through the next two to three years.  Invision Capital Partners is positioned to acquiring these assets during this depressed cycle, and providing an investment strategy brought forth by years of experience that should provide above average returns for the investors involved.

Invision Capital Partners is a private equity firm created to capitalize on the opportunities available in today's depressed real estate market. 

Our team has the depth of knowledge and experience in real estate finance, asset acquisition and disposition, financial restructuring, structured finance, private equity/investment funds, litigation, tax, government affairs and local knowledge to provide a comprehensive strategy in acquiring assets for a value added investment opportunity.